Odyssey: “Voids”

Hang onto your dicks, djent kids, because Spokane, Washington’s progressive power trio, Odyssey, is about to show you what’s up.

Not that I don’t jam some over-compressed, quack riffs more often than I’d like to admit, but Voids is the real deal. It’s fifty-ish minutes of timelessly progressive, raw-sounding whacky stuff that is pretty musically involved, without being overly intimidating.


Given today’s mass-proliferation of somewhat samey, basement-prog, replete with talented, but tragically identical sounding musicianship, Odyssey are much more akin in style to some of the best bands of yesteryear. Think back to sweet bands like Spiral Architect and Atheist. And it’s refreshing as hell to hear.

I can't get over how polite these guys look.

I can’t get over how polite these guys look.


Strap in. You’re about to hear some serious variety. These tunes bounce all over the place from the straight up spacey (“Echoes”), to the thrash curious (Before There Were Eyes To See”), to the heavy and rifftastic (“Negate The Infinite”). It’s appetizing to prog dorks of all colors.

I’ll say that this sort of stylistic buffet lends itself to the one real weakness of the album (that I perceive): a mild lack of direction. Void leaves me with a sense of wanting a more centralized theme. Each time I give it a spin, part of me just cries out for it to go somewhere just a wee bit faster. There’s no real sense of rising action, no teeth sinking into me for more than one or two tracks before the LP changes its angle of attack. It just doesn’t quite get me off the way I’d like it to for me to declare it a “masterpiece”.

But shit, what do I know? It’s still great.

The musicianship is uncanny, but hardly showoff-y. Each of the three band members get plenty of time in the sun. Part of what I enjoy so much about it is how each instrument sounds so clear and distinct, no matter if it’s one of the “heavy” tracks, or if the boys are taking us to space. It feels tight and jammy. Complete. With only three band members!

Overall, Voids holds up outstandingly, despite its less-brash tone. Even in today’s highly competitive proggosphere, there’s a lot to appreciate packed into each one of the ten tracks.

Voids drops on the fifth of next month. You should get it. And pay the band. And stuff.

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Odyssey is:

Jordan Hilker – Bass

Lukas Hilker – Drums

Jerrick Crites – Guitar

Check out Odyssey’s tunes here:


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