Formless: “Eon”

Having dropped just a few days ago, Eon is the first and final full length release by Formless. Never heard of ’em? They are (or were?) a brilliant tech death five-piece out of Connecticut.

Troubled by a million and one things that are kind of just part of the nature of the band-life beast, Formless sadly wasn’t destined to get off the ground for the long term. Which totally sucks, as their unique blend of progressive and melodeath elements provided their take on tech death with some real promise. Check out one of their music videos:

That’s not to say that this talented troupe won’t be living on in other projects. According to Metal Injection and The Metal Archives, members of Formless will be rocking it in other ventures, such as Xenosis and Archaic Decapitator.

But yeah, enough with the sad news. Let’s get down with this absolutely killer offering.

At over fifty-three minutes, Eon is a meaty collection of tunes that doesn’t fuck around. Loaded with some seriously shredding guitar work, crushingly primal vocals, and some nosebleed-inducing velocity, on its face, the album seems like it’d be destined for a solid reception in any death metal circle.

However, perhaps Formless‘ biggest asset isn’t how effective they are towing traditional tech death protocol, but that they understand something many of their peers don’t necessarily seem capable of grasping:

How to actually make your technical wank into an effectively emotional composition. Formless get that you don’t need to go full ham the whole time to put out something awesome.

Each song on Eon is supremely well concocted. The band conservatively utilizes some pretty unique clean vocals (that are of the feminine variety: a huge rarity in this genre), some highly atmospheric passages, and the drumming is handled fantastically with a more creative and delicate hand than I’ve certainly become used to. The end result is something much less akin to Beneath the Massacre, and much more Death. These tunes are deeply moving, while still satisfying one’s thirst for the savage and the unrelenting.

It’s with pride that I’m giving Eon the first ever maxed-out score from this page. This album legitimately saddens me with its beautiful, imaginative glimpse into what could have been. Take the time to engage with and indulge in this truly outstanding achievement of technical mastery. Eon challenges the modern concept of technical death metal. Listen carefully and its melodies will haunt you, its intricacies will draw you in, and its eclectic nature will undoubtedly take you by surprise, even after a number of listens.


For fans of The FacelessDeathGojira

Formless is:

Kevin Narowski – Vocals

Annie Grunwald – Guitar, Clean Vocals

Kenny Bullard – Guitar

Craig Breitsprecher – Bass

Jake Shields-Drums

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