Danzig Murders Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” In Glorious Display Of Suck

Okay, so I’m totally jumping on the metalsphere’s bandwagon on this one, but I’m sorry. Black Sabbath‘s “N.I.B.” is a genre-defining anthem. One that permeated my (and I’m sure most fans’) formative years as a lover of heavy/extreme music.

Then Danzig released this video:


Yup-yup. Tig ol’ biddies. We know.

The is for a track off of Danzig‘s most recent release, Skeletons: a tribute to his influences.

And… well, besides some seriously hamfisted attempts at eye candy, I think most of us can agree that this video is a completely uninspired piece of dogshit.

Almost as much so as the musical performance. How has he gotten away with this disaster existing for three months? I know that Danzig is… well… Danzig, but there’s just so much detachment in the vocal performance. While I appreciate the slightly heavier/more modern take on the rhythm guitars, everything about this piece just feels dialed in.

Now, I wouldn’t be quite so butthurt about this if he didn’t throw this little nugget in with the release:

“…I had to think about songs that I could make my own, songs I could bring new dimensions to. These are the artists that made me, so obviously I wanted to do the songs justice.”

Well, guess what, Glenn. You failed. I believe there are very few artists that can match just how chilling the original version of the song was.

Really, think about it. Bring yourself back to the first time you heard “N.I.B.” The bass and guitar tone, the groovy intro, the absolutely haunting presence of young Ozzy Osbourne‘s voice. And then the sweet little plot twist in the lyrics.

You can’t bring a new dimension to that, Danzig. And you can’t cover up its shortcomings with boobies.

…And supposedly, they’re doing more of these videos. Awesome.

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