BACK HOME: I’m From The Government And I’m Back With A NEW SINGLE

Back home in the rust belt, there’s a metalcore band that’s been arguably making more commotion in the scene than just about any of the other outfits of their ilk.

Buffalo, New York’s (in)famously long-named I’m From The Government And I’m Here to Help.


original photo by Meredith Snow

Though at times controversial with their politically charged themes, the band is well received in the region, and preceded by a reputation for tight performances and supportive behavior off stage within the local scene (save the occasional good-natured flame war).

Channeling some of the best-of-ish swedecore elements and an electrifyingly militant atmosphere, the boys have been hard at work producing a EP, bound to come out in roughly a week? It’s to be entitled, Capital Punishment.

And here’s a sample:

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