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So, trying something new here: writing about bands from the places whence I’ve come (totally used “whence” wrong and don’t give a fuck).

Let’s dial it back for a second. In the past incarnations of this blog, I’ve covered (a lot) of death metal, prog, thrash, and black metal from Western and Upstate NY.

But you know, it’s a rare day I get to write about an alt metal band. I just don’t know too many guys who aspire to it.

Enter (sorta Fredonia’s) Rochester’s Diluted.
diluted1It’s weird. The music is super accessible (in other words: chicks dig these guys), not entirely un-metal, scrappy and aggressive when it needs to be, and has a lot of room to grow for anyone that wants to be a bit more indulgent in their musical wank. And yet I can’t name another band back home that’s really doing exactly what these guys are. Even some of that whacked-out NYC/Long Island prog tends to have leave some uniform markings in its sound amongst the bands in its scene.

Shoot me a message if I’m wrong. The only band I can really think of that barks up this tree back home is Brooklyn’s Wool Over Eyes.

Now, to be fair, Diluted aren’t the kind of pony I’d typically put my money on, but the guys have come a long way, and recently released a demo that you can find here on Spotify.

And you know what? I like it.

Would you think I was crazy if I said they tickle a little bit of my love for Coheed and Intronaut?

Give ’em a listen. Read more about the dudes below.

  • Formed by SUNY Fredonia students Pat Mulligan and Zach Coffey during the fall of 2013 when they wrote the song “County Blues”.
  • Recruited bassist/roommate Jay Henry shortly after, moving on to release their debut self-titled EP which was produced and recorded by Pat Mulligan.
  • Summer of 2014: Recruited Dave Gathercole on drums; played our first shows in Rochester NY.
  • Fall of 2014: founding members Pat, Zach, and Jay move into a house in Fredonia where they rehearse as a three piece with Pat doing double duty on vocals and drums. Occasional shows were played around Fredonia, Rochester, and Buffalo.
  • Diluted release their second self-produced album entitled “The 9B EP”.
  • Winter of 2014: bassist Jay Henry graduates from Fredonia and leaves the band to pursue his career in computer technology. Bassist Jordan Jankowski and drummer Jeremy Little are recruited and Diluted is a four piece once more. Shows are played around Fredonia and Buffalo.
  • Diluted’s third self-produced EP “Don’t Ruin My Weekend Buzz” is released.
  • Spring 2015: Diluted continue to play house shows in Fredonia as a four piece. Guitarist and longtime friend/supporter of Diluted Sean Wignall steps in as a rhythm guitarist, making the band a five piece for the first time. Diluted play shows at bars and houses in Fredonia and open for My Ticket Home in Jamestown, NY.
  • Pat and Zach graduate from Fredonia and move back to Rochester, losing drummer Jeremy Little and bassist Jordan Jankowski. Over the summer they continue to practice, write, and perform as a three piece.
  • Summer 2015: Diluted release their fourth self-produced album entitled “The Lost Art of Breaking A Scene”.
  • Fall 2015: Rochester music veteran Dusty West is brought in on drums and Diluted are back to playing shows in Rochester and Buffalo as a four-piece.
  • Winter 2015: Diluted head to Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY to bang out their first ever professionally recorded EP. They record a two-song demo. The songs, “Rhoda” and “Sternenrotz”, can be purchased and streamed digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, CD Baby, Rhapsody, and Spotify.


Diluted is:

 Pat Mulligan – vocals

Zach Coffey – guitars, bass, vocals

Sean Wignall – guitars, bass, vocals

Dusty West – drums

Stalk Diluted on







Or, check them out on their next show. (as of 1.25.16)

Until next time, baby!

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