About Forged

My name is Bruno. Twenty-something. Metalhead. BS in Media Management (with a double minor in Web Programming and Music Industry). Strangled by student debt. ENTP af. I play guitar. I write dorky things. I play RPG’s. I’m obsessed with escapism, history, and heavy metal. I stalk the Earth, a cliche in aspect. This is my little blog/”zine”/what-have-you-corner-of-the-internet.

Here, I’m hoping to offer you insight into the industry side of extreme music. I’d like to legitimately offer you guys some real time in the trenches as an entry level Artist Manager, Label Manager, Publicist, Writer/Editor for a metal news site (not this one, trust me!), and giving you all a little flavor of the scene in countries and continents that you may not typically think scream “metal”.

Now, I’m not exactly an expert. Not yet. But that’s kind of the point. I’m figuring a lot of this out as I go along, and I think that’s kind of where the industry seems to be at, and where a lot of questions you may have begin.

Forged started in early 2013 on Tumblr as a way for me to pump out reviews and try to better acquaint the world with the Western/Upstate/Central New York (where I was based out of at the time) metal scene. I attended undergraduate school there, and still hold a lot of love for the area and the scene.

Amputecht- photo by Lee Hoffman (he's the man!)

Amputecht- photo by Lee Hoffman (he’s the man!)

There, I developed a taste for more progressive rock and metal, and began a relationship with the band, Amputecht, who I now act as manager for (can’t wait to release more details about that).


Korea’s take on mecha: lots of alcohol, few laser cannons.

A lot has changed for me since then.

I lived in Korea for most of last year, and until this past February-sort of came on a whim. Newly relocated to New Zealand (after spending some time in Taiwan and Thailand), and with graduate school plans on the horizon, I’ll be looking towards Europe within the next few years.

Shortly before my arrival in Asia, I became an editor for It Djents: a progressive metal review and news website that, despite our best efforts to mess the whole thing up, has continued to increase in popularity. Through It Djents, I was able to forge a number of connections with artists and industry figures.

Several months into my tenure at It Djents, I began doing favors for indie prog/metalcore/posthardcore label, Famined Records. Currently, I’m learning the responsibilities of general manager for the company. A lot of my work with Famined will involve coordinating promotional campaigns, filling in as publicist, community manager, webmaster, what-have-you.

On the other side of the world, I’ve learned what I’m sure most of us all ready assumed: that metalheads are the same everywhere (pretty awesome), and that cultural, linguistic, and geographic barriers mean very little to the power of Heavy Metal.

Here, a new mission presented itself: to become intimately aware of how the culture of metal functions around the world. As I make friends from ever more far away places, and half-baked travel plans keep my mind fixed on further and further horizons, the more I’m beginning to see our music’s potential as a uniting force on an increasingly crazy, but still beautiful and awesome planet.

So there’s your cheesy, GI Joe moment. Enjoy the reviews. The writeups. The dopey pictures and videos. Join me in whatever capacity seems appropriate!

Until next time, baby!